HR Consultancy Services in Singapore

Catalyst Talent Strategy Consulting is a consulting firm, that registered with the Ministry of Manpower since 2015. We are a professional HR Consulting and Talent Recruitment Firm for the following industries: Tobacco, Outsourcing, Information Technology, Medical Devices, Engineering, E-commerce, Aerospace, Agriculture, and Automotive.

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What our clients say about us

Why do you need to hire Catalyst as your HR Consulting Firm in Singapore?

HR does HR all the time, so they’re intimately familiar with best practices and methods. If you’re finding it is taking up more time than you planned on, then you may just want to seek out the help of Catalyst to streamline the process and lower your costs.

Catalyst had experience in providing HR Consultancy Services and Experience for many firms. With the extensive experience that we have, we use it to resolve any workplace issues that arise. An HR Strategy with holistic HR Planning is needed by a company that inspires to become an established company.

We are here to help ensure that your business remains protected, positive and productive

Recruitment Services

Regional headhunting and confidential search for senior management, board member or specialized roles in specific industries. Guaranteed video screening, reference checks and guarantee period.

Talent Platform

Search our database of Consultants and freelancers, post advertisements of your projects, receive proposals for your projects, or search and bid for projects as consultant or freelancers, all made easy with the Technology we built into the platform.

HR Consulting

Engage experienced and certified HR Professionals to help you improve your Human Resources capabilities, set up HR strategy, framework and increase efficiency in your HR operations. Get up to 80% funding from the EDG grant.

Talent Platform - ProjeX

For companies, you just need to post an advertisement for your project or search for Consultants or Freelancers. For consultants and Freelancers, you just need to register and bid for projects. The rest? Leave it to the system.

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Up to 80% funding for HR Projects

Our consultants are Enterprise Singapore-recognised consultants who are certified by the appointed certification bodies to work on the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). Contact us to find out more on the grant.

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  • 100%
  • 2-30+
    years of experience
  • 8,000+
  • 80+
    sectors covered
  • 68+

Regional Recruitment Services

Engage our Search Consultant for specialized roles in your industry or for confidential search for senior roles. Headhunting is part of our business. Leave the task to the experts

  • Expedite Hiring
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Search for a specific skill you need
  • Regional Search
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Catalyst Human Resource (HR) consultant do ?

Catalyst is a professional Human resources consultant who gives solutions to improve our client HR function, in terms of efficiency, productivity, and talent retention.

What services do Catalyst HR consultants provide ?

Here at Catalyst we offer gap analysis looking into your current HR Processes, HR Practices, HR System, HR structures and make solutions on how you should improve your HR function.

What makes Catalyst the best HR consultant in Singapore ?

If you are looking for solutions that are implemented and proven in many businesses with reviews, then Catalyst is the one for your business.

What makes a good HR consultant

A good HR consultant is able to implement HR Planning and HR Solutions that improve your operations, retention, and performance.

How do Catalyst HR consultants help my business ?

We help businesses offset the cost of improving their HR function by up to 80%, tapping on EDG funding.

How much does Catalyst charge for HR consulting services ?

Charges depend on the scope and depth of the project. Please contact us for more information about our consultancy services.

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