Confessions of a Gig Economy Worker - 5 Takeaways from past months

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Confessions of a Gig Economy Worker - 5 Takeaways from past months

For the past 6 months after my role as a corporate employee came to a closure. I pursued different dreams.

I have a dab at a couple of gigs. Today only Republic Asia, an online growth agency — and Brave.Singapore, a social enterprise that pledges percentage of our eCommerce proceeds to social causes remains.

Starting earlier this week, I took on a 6 months contractor role at a leading recruitment honcho.


"I had indomie Maggie noodles in a row for days ... yet I'm happier than before"

Lesson 1 - Be thankful for everyone's time

For every minute of the time that your prospect, client, stranger spares for you, be thankful. Because regardless of their corporate or social hierarchy rank, the single minute they spared, they can make a better use out of it.

Lesson 2 - Trust is the key

Some clients may choose your service due to your unique competitive advantages. But at the end, they bestow their trust in you. They believe in you. The same goes around, the industry is small, I came across black sheep in business dealings, most of the time you can pick up signs of unworthiness in their character, karma will have their ends meet.

Lesson 3 - As a contractor, keep learning, be a prototype

One of the best things about taking freelance and contractual assignments. You will be immersing yourself too often in the steep learning curve of industries, people, projects and skills. The diverse knowledge and the ability to learn fast will not only put you at an advantage but ahead in today's accelerated economy. For starters, there is tremendous amount of curated knowledge available online or on massive online open courses (MOOCs) sites that are either available for free or at a nominal monthly subscription that will set you back for a few cups of latte. Also, pick up reading. Today's popular ebooks are available at the price of a fast-food burger. At my postgrad school, I haven't come across a classmate who doesn't like to read.

Lesson 4 - Don’t let your lifestyle define you

Don’t. Don’t purchase big-ticket items and extravagances that tie yourself down and eventually force you onto some career that you drag your feet to work everyday. Understand your dreams and passions, then live a lifestyle and expenditure that support your dreams and passions life path, it will be more fulfilling. When I first started working as a freelancer and on gigs, I had indomie instant noodles in a row as lunch for days and learning this principle really struck me hard and I'm happier than before.

Lesson 5 - Time for the best moments of your life

When your lifestyle and work hours are interchangeable and flexible. You are a master of your own time. There is no fixed hours and boundaries on when you must begin to work and when you should stop. It's about better allotment of time and pausing to do what’s most important at that very minute. Whether it is finally having time to get your fitness back in the dead quiet hours of the gym or little pleasures such as having the entire most hyped up cafe/ restaurant of the town to yourself.

For most of us, it about having flexibility around your schedule to seize and cherish every single passing moment (e.g parents growing old/ kids growing up).

You always strive to be the person you want to be but what about the life you always wish for?

After all, you only live once.

Good day & thank you for reading.

Source: Yoet Siang (YS) Koh,